Welcome to our family's adoption blog! We are Stephanie and Frank Ruckman a family blessed with two daughters living in Tennessee. Frank and I have always felt led to adoption but recently decided it was time to quit talking and start acting. This blog is simply our journey to bring home "baby brother". We believe God brings our families together in many different ways. If you read our blog you will understand that adoption can take you down may paths. At first we thought our child was going to be joining us via Bulgaria now we have learned our journey is going to detour to Moscow!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No news

I write this post after several weeks of thinking. As you may have seen on our last post we where overjoyed at the opportunity to meet a beautiful boy in Moscow. To make a long story short the placement of this child with our family fell through. I had to take some time and grieve this loss. This was the first time I had allowed myself to really WANT a child, this child. I know this was God's plan but sometimes we forget he is in charge not us. The way this was affirmed with me was the day we would have flown into Moscow is the day the airport was bombed. For those of who don't know Moscow has several airports and this is the exact airport we had planned to fly into on the day we had planned to arrive. I know we where spared a potential horrible experience and I am thankful for that. At this time I am just taking time to think! I do not know if we will pursue another Moscow child or if we will get a referral from Bulgaria. Just taking some time and trying to let God guide us in the right direction.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    How's it going? Where are you now in the process? Still waiting in Bulgaria?